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Inactive Accredited Supervisor Membership

This category is open to Accredited Supervisor Members who intend to suspend practising as a Supervisor for a period of more than six months.

  • Members who are suspending practice as both Counsellor / Psychotherapist and Supervisor, for a limited period, but intend to resume their practice will need to pay both inactive fees (Inactive Accredited Membership and Inactive Supervisor Membership).
  • Members retiring from practice as Supervisors are not required to pay inactive Supervisor fees.
  • A Supervisor member can be an Inactive Supervisor, for a limited period, while remaining an Active Accredited Member, but cannot be an Inactive Member and remain an Active Supervisor Member.
  • Inactive Supervisor membership can be granted for a maximum period of 2 years.
    (In exceptional circumstances periods of more than 2 years will be granted individually by application to the Supervision Committee). 
  • You will be required to re-contract with your Supervisor before resuming your Supervision practice.
  • Inactive Supervisor Members will retain the benefits of their IACP membership and be eligible to attend the Supervisors Forum meetings.



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