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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework

Welcome to the new IACP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a process that allows practitioners to maintain, enhance and advance their professional knowledge and skills and as such complements ongoing supervision and contributes to lifelong learning. It also plays a central role in personal development and growth, allowing practitioners to reach their full potential. This system formalises the process of learning in a straightforward and accessible way and is realistic and relevant to the needs of members. It's development has given consideration to the variety of factors, which affect access to CPD (e.g. geographical, financial, full-time/part-time working and time-frame).

The CPD provides quality assurance and standards for the profession. It also helps to guarantee the safety of the public hence preserving the integrity of practitioners and the profession. Statutory Regulation will require practitioners to maintain a licence to practice and a CPD framework will form an essential part of this process. It will also facilitate European recognition of qualifications and professional status.

This CPD framework was drawn up using the existing interim model, other models and the suggestions / comments we have received from members. As well as providing quality assurance and standards for the profession, this robust CPD framework promotes:

  • The ethos of personal responsibility
  • The ethos of professional governance
  • The ethos of lifelong learning
  • The practice of professional regulation

The framework encapsulates a balance between academic and experiential learning. The exemplar activities listed under the four categories in the log are not intended to be prescriptive. Innovative and creative modes of CPD when accompanied by a sound rationale will be accepted. Therefore a comprehensive framework of activity can be undertaken by practitioners allowing them to be creative in their individual response. It is expected, however, that activities in at least two different categories will be achieved annually. 

This log will be completed annually on the anniversary of accreditation as evidence of CPD activity (30 hours). Also, members will identify their yearly CPD goals in conjunction with their supervisor.

The achievement of these will form part of the supervision process. The annual log will be completed by the practitioner and agreed by the supervisor who will countersign the submission. At the time of re-accreditation the log should be signed off by the Supervisor and kept in case of an audit. Please do not send the CPD Log together with your Annual Re-Accreditation form and only complete the CPD section on the Annual Re-Accreditation form to show examples of CPD completed in the previous 12 months. A random sample of full logs (5% of the logs), will be audited and reviewed each year and constructive feedback provided.

Guidelines on using this Continuing Professional Development log;

At the next anniversary of accreditation, decide (with your supervisor) on CPD needs for the coming year.

As each activity is completed fill in the details in the relevant sections of log. Retain certificates etc.,  in case you are required to produce them at a later stage (e.g. for audit).

At the end of your accreditation year complete the reflection and have your supervisor sign off log.

Retain signed logs as evidence of CPD in case of the audit. 

Please do not send in the logs with your Annual Re-Accreditation Form. 







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